A cool little side project


I have a friend that manages a personalised beverage business.

It’s called Brewtopia, and it’s pretty cool. Basically, they sell beer, cider, water, and wine, all sourced from Australian craft breweries, vineyards, and springs, and give you the ability to create your own personalised label to put on. You would think this is pretty niche, but they are flat out! If you’ve ever stood in line at a big label retail store and been handed a bottle of water with the store’s brand on the label, chances are my friend and her company were behind it.

They have a stack of label templates, but if you’re handy with InDesign or Photoshop you can design and create your own label out of whole cloth and upload it to the label maker.

I helped them set up a blog and pumped out a few blog posts for them. I also helped them set up a one-page website targeted to the on-premise beverages sector. The idea being that if you own a cafe or bar, you can order from Brewtopia and have your own branded drinks alongside the standard fare, so your patrons can order cafe-branded beer and water along with their coffee, or have bar-branded house wine to go along with their pasta.

This was a cool little side project because it was helping a friend out of personal interest, and I like building things. Plus I got to put my skills to the test in a low-pressure environment, away from the usual demands of an agency arrangement. Although I must admit it tended to keep me up a little later at night than is probably 100% healthy 🙂

So if you happen to be in the market for a bottle of beer or wine with your face (or someone else’s face, or whatever you want) on it, definitely check Brewtopia out.