How much is building a website really worth? Does it include the content?

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how much is a website worth

If you are in charge of approaching website developers for your businesses’ new website, you may be shocked by how much it costs. There is no doubt that a lot of time and expertise go into building a website, and developers have the right to be compensated accordingly.

If you’ve also had the foresight to shop around a bit, the next thing you will notice is how much the costs can vary. How much is building a website really worth? Does my business really need to shell out five figures for it? Or more?

As is the case with so many things in life, you get what you pay for.

BUT – make sure you know exactly what you are paying for! Cheap price tags will generally result in cheap websites, but the more you know about what you are buying, the better equipped you are to assess its value.

What goes into building a website?

What goes into building a website?

To give you a rough idea, this broadly describes what goes into building a website:

  • Initial contact with you to discuss what you want in a website (email, phone or in person)
  • Planning the structure of the site – number of pages, menus, how they all connect with each other
  • Graphic design – choosing the colour scheme, layout and visual style of the website
  • Follow up contact with you to determine if you accept the design (email, phone or in person)
  • Writing and inputting content
  • Functionality testing
  • Search engine registration
  • Site map submission
  • Go live testing
  • Final contact with you to ensure you accept the end result (email, phone or in person)

…and anything else that may “crop up” along the way!

Does it include the content?

Does it include the content?

Each of the above steps can take as little as a few minutes up to whole days to complete. However, in most instances, content input is not included in the price! You may be left to do it yourself or source your own content writer, or you may be referred onto a content writer with a relationship to your web developers. But you may wonder why, for such a crucial element, such a gap is left in the service offering?

This is why it pays to review your quote and ask your web developer “does it include the content?” If it does, it is worth paying more for.

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