A word about my affiliate relationships

Hi all

Every now and then I may publish a blog post reviewing a particular service. These reviews will normally (but not always) be part of an affiliate relationship I have with the supplier.

I just wanted to make a few things clear about this:

  1. If I am reviewing an affiliate partner, I will declare my relationship with them in the post.
  2. I only partner with service providers that I personally use, think are good and would recommend to my friends.
  3. If the review is positive, it’s because I genuinely think the service is great – refer to point 2 above (I would not be an affiliate partner if I didn’t already think their service was great).

These reviews may also contain discounted offers. Yes, I make money from referrals to affiliates but refer to points 2 and 3 above. I will NOT post a positive review of a service that I don’t think is fantastic.

Lastly, my reviews will be the same as everything else I publish on this blog – written out of a desire to be helpful and to provide you with awesome tools that you can use that you may not have heard about elsewhere.

Thanks for your attention, and keep being awesome!